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Azuca Patisserie

Logo and Branding for Azuca Patisserie Packaging


Azuca Patisserie is a bakery based out of New York that focuses on fusing French and Latin flavors that specializes in creating the most unforgettable artisanal desserts. They strive to use the freshest, healthiest, organic ingredients in all their products. They want your experience to be an unforgettable one.  Inspiration for the logo came from the latin cultures love for color and passion for life. We wanted the logo to communicate joy, fun, happiness, and excitement. The color palette chosen along with the dots communicate those feelings. The “A” in the center also lends to a fun, casual, happy combination. The logo has had that effect on customers where they find themselves smiling when they first view it. It has also impacted on a consistant rise in sales and facilitated acceptance into major specialty markets in the tri-state area.


The Azuca logo appeared in Logo Lounge 3.




"I love that not only our creations bring a smile to our customers but that 

the logo and branding reinforce that feeling as well."



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