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The Yuca Arts Organization works with at risk youth in the Bronx. They have a certificate based program that teaches graphic design, mural painting and screenprinting. The “Educate Not Incarcerate” project was an educational initiative that provided educational workshops, marketing and mural creation to present the high levels of youth incarceration. The public library collaborated with us by hosting the mural inauguration and providing the location to display it. The project focuses on the high levels of incarcerated youth in Highbridge, Bronx that are the highest of all the boros in the NYC. 

The brochure and trading cards were created as printed pieces that were mailed out to a short list of supporters and in mass as a pdf that lived on the website, sent out via email and social media. The inspiration for the content came from the educational workshops that were presented by various organizations in social justice law, community based alternatives to incarceration programs for youth. Youth engaged in discussions to identify the overarching issues that were presented.

We challenged the youth in the conceptual, photography and assembly phase of the final pieces. There were multiple benefits achieved in the creation of the brochure & trading cards. The youth were able to experience and participate in a real project that was gleened from their research, photography and production. The other benefit was creating a smart communication tool within a limited budget. Only the existing equipment and supplies were allowed for the project and both pieces were cut out and assembled by hand. 


“Creating a creative environment, providing intellectual as well as technical resources to inspire

and be catalyst for all youth at no cost to them has been our primary goal.”



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