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The Hispanic Theological Initiative’s (HTI) mission is to create and nurture a community of Latina/o scholars to service the academy and the church.  Its primary goal is to increase the number of Latina/o students and faculty in theological education and, by doing so, better equip US institutions to serve the growing Hispanic population.

The Program Director Daisy L. Machado reqested Branding for the organization that was about to embark on it's first year of existence. She wanted it to reflect the participants in the program that were all from latin american countries. She felt that what existed in academia to that point was very corporate and dry. The style, tone, and color palette didn't identify what or who the program was targeting. She wanted to blend academia's excellence and history to the new Branding efforts. 

We conducted various consultations with the Executive Director Justo L. González, Ph. D. and the Program Director Daisy L. Machado, Ph. D. and more in-depth research to develop a successful approach. Once all the information was gathered and interpreted we started the creative iterations for Logo, Stationery System, Program Pamphlet, Perspectivas Papers and Registration Brochures. Presentations were made to the Program Director who was very happy with the solutions presented. As a result of the resources we created for the HTI they experienced increased enrollment and efforts to attain more funding proved to be successful as well. Pew has sustained HTI with grants totaling over $8.35 million since its inception.


“HTI/HTIC’s collaborative spirit has been a source of exponential growth. It is this same spirit that continues to be the catalyst propelling us forward into sustainable transformation.”


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