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Beating Cancer in Heels


Design for Beating Cancer in Heels a boutique style nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower young women diagnosed with Cancer. The inspiration for the logo came from the Founder, Marlena Ortiz's own experience and attitude combating her own cancer. She chose to keep a positve approach and not relinquish her life to cancer. She would always wear heels to all her treatments to bring smiles to everyone that saw her. This made sense to me so I created a solution that represented this approach to her experience. Beating Cancer in Heels encourages young women battling cancer to empower themselves by putting their heels on during their treatment and visits them supporting them through this difficult time. As a result of the branding Beating Cancer in Heels has gotten alot of press, funding, partnerships with Maimonides Medical Center, Nine West Company and many more.



"Beating Cancer in Heels

is helping countless women find the fashionista within."



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