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Piel NYC

We created the Branding System for Piel's Artisanal Personal Care line of skin related products. Some

of the products included were Lotions, Oils, Hand Creams, Foot Creams, Soaps and more. What we discovered in our disscussions with Piel NYC was that the messaging for their brand would be focused around their commitment to providing solutions and relief to skin ailments while making their customers feel good. They also wanted to maintain a high level of quality by making small batches to control the freshness and responsiveness to the natural active ingredients used. Piel believes that nature provides vast resources that have the therapeutic properties necessary to maintain natural and healthy skin.

The logo's clean look communicates this commitment and a foundation in natural science that would tie across all product lines. The branding would also tie in the founder's casual & fun approach yet communicate a serious commitment to quality and their customers needs.




•Research & Development



•Multiple Logo Developments


Piel NYC is a small company that started in the founders kitchen and sells their product lines via the internet, small boutiques, natural food stores and from time to time outdoor curated markets. Due to their commitment to maintaining their artisanal approach and level of quality the labels and packaging are created in small quantities as needed for hand application and assembly. The branding approach has proved to be very successful resulting in consistent sales. 

•Identity System

•Color Palette Selection

•Packaging Solutions 

•Web Design

" Grandpa never traveled out of the island; nature met all the needs of the family. From this simple and humble lifestyle I'm inspired to create products for true holistic beauty.

We are part of nature and nature inspires us to discover it's richness."


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